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501 Broadway, Colombus, Georgia, 31901

Kristi loves to travel and she decided to get into the travel business because it seemed like "a fun and flexible side job. I love to travel and would love to travel more. I like adventure, so traveling to new places is always an adventure." Being a "stay-at-home mom" made being an outside salesperson an attractive job. "I was drawn to Travels By Donna because she is a wonderful person and offered me a flexible work-from-home opportunity," Kristi said. "It works so well with my 'stay-at-home mom' status and Donna is very supportive and loads of fun to work with." This job does give her the freedom to be with her family. On the other hand, she is often working when she would rather be doing things with her family. She laughs when she says she's just a tad OCD (suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder) and "if my name is on something, I am going to make sure it is taken care of thoroughly and quickly. This is more of my philosophy though and not required of the position. I am all about good and prompt customer service." The most recent trip she made was a FAM (familiarization) trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. It was a new destination for her. "I went alone as a new travel agent with a Diamond class of agents. (Donna is in the Diamond class). I didn't know a soul on the trip and was so clueless about how these things went. I had the best time with other agents and upper management from a company that we use to book trips. It was funny though, to be so new with all of these big-wheel agents. I, of course, was honest with them and they were so kind to me. I am still in touch with many of them today. In fact, I often pass on information from some of them to clients. They have shared insight and photos and experiences from resorts that I don't have a first-hand knowledge of. Just another personal source that I use in addition to Donna and all of her fantastic agents. Things change a lot and quickly in the travel industry and if I see they have recently visited a resort more recently than our agents have, then i have asked them specific questions. I have also stayed in touch with the upper management people from the company and have called them directly more than once to have issues addressed. This sometimes comes in handy, for sure." Kristi can book any trip, but if she specializes in a specific trip, it would be "anything Disney." "Disney World trips are so much fun to plan for people," she said. "It can be very overwhelming, especially for a family's first trip to Disney. I have taken enough trips to Disney that I have favorite restaurants and know how things work. Also, I love to book Disney cruises. Anything Disney, I would consider my specialty." Kristi also participates in triathlons, and she'll be happy to help you book a destination race trip. "There are some pretty super race destinations out there," she said.

Kristi Casto