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Anne Laurie, like her sister, Samantha Wright, grew up in the travel business. For years, she has helped her mother (Donna) with various bridal shows in the area. She helps set up the booths and gets all the information organized before the shows begin. In the past year or so, she has been working in the office. "I help with answering the phone and loading data into the computer for the agency," she said. So why should you use a travel agent? Anne Laurie says that people think that using travel agents costs a lot of money. "If you consider the time you save by having them book your trip, the advice they can give you and any promos offered at the time, most of the time, you'll save money," she said. The average person can take advantage of using a travel agent, she adds. "They have so many contacts in the travel industry and can help find the answers to travel questions," she said. "The travel agents of Travels By Donna work on all types of travel from corporate to leisure and can help you plan all of your trips without you having the worries of how the trip will turn out. They compare costs and offer payment plans so it makes sense and saves you time and money to use one." A Columbus State University student, Anne Laurie works around her school schedule to work with her mother and with her father at Wynnton Hardware. She's a busy girl. Working at Travels By Donna gives her a chance to "meet all the great clients that come into our office or call." Asked if she can tell us about the best trip she's taken, she says, "We travel a lot and have traveled as a family since I was born. I see pictures of myself on the beaches in Jamaica at six-months-old, so it is a part of my life. For my high school graduation my mother and I, along with another classmate and her mother, took a week-long Mediterranean cruise. We also visited Rome and several other spots and it was great. We also take a girl trip each year. taking us to spots like to London, Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, New York City, Boca Raton, Miami, Las Vegas and cruises, just to name a few. Traveling is a such great way to make memories and I am so glad we have been able to travel and continue to see the sights."

Anne Laurie Comer