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Time to plan your vacation

Posted on 01/17/2017

OK. The craziness of the holidays is over. Your relatives and guests have all gone home. The children are back in school.

So take a deep breath and start thinking about your summer vacation. This weekend, take some time and sit down with your family, Ask your children what they might want to do -- a theme park, seeing the Western landscape of John Wayne movies, looking at the wonders of the Smithsonian Institute or the new African-American Museum in Washington, D.C., watching all the animals in the rain forest of Costa Rica or cruising in the Caribbean. They may surprise you with what they want to do.

Of course, keep your budget in mind. Then figure out the best days that you may travel. Finally, choose a destination.

Then give Donna, Kathy or Cecilia a call at Travels By Donna. As long as you have the dates you want to travel and a budget, they can help you plan the vacation of your life.

Please don't call and say you want to go in the summer. Give a specific date. And tell them where you want to go instead of "Well, I don't know."

But if you really don't know where you want to go, just sit in the agency office and look at brochures. You might be inspired and decide on the destination.

Planning in advance also has an advantage. The agents can set up a payment plan for you. That means by the time you leave, your trip is paid for and all you need is your passport, ID, extra money and your luggage. For cruises, you can pay almost two years in advance. Airline tickets? 11 months in advance.

You may find a less expensive trip online, but as I always say, if something goes horribly wrong, who will you call? If you book a trip with Travels By Donna, call an agent and something will be done quickly.

Never used a travel agent before? Don't hesitate. Call us!

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