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Viv's Travel Tips: The Unique Charm of Nantucket Island

Posted on 02/11/2021

The wharves and cobblestone streets of Downtown Nantucket are lined with restaurants, high-end boutiques and a certain vintage charm.

Nantucket, a tiny, isolated island off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is a summer destination for photography or history enthusiasts, and the wealthy. It’s marked by unpainted grey cedar-shingled buildings, surrounded by hydrangeas and extravagant, colorful landscaping. There are no chain restaurants or stores on the island, and everyone loves vintage everything, which gives the island an almost otherworldly experience.

Gorgeous public beaches surround the island, giving a wide array of options to visitors and residents alike. For a more touristy feel, people often enjoy the large Surfside Beach or the calm waters of Jetties beach. To escape the hustle and bustle, you can opt for the quiet Miacomet beach or Madequecham.

Renting a bike is arguably the best way to explore the island. It is very bike-friendly, with bike paths going along almost any road. Besides, you wouldn't want to drive on the narrow streets! You can get pretty much anywhere you need to go within 10-30 on bike.

One of the most rewarding places you can bike is Siasconset, known by the locals as Sconset. Take the Bluff Walk, a lovely meandering path made of white seashells that trails against the coastline, past the beautiful rose-covered houses that Sconset is known for.

Head down to Cisco brewery for a family-friendly fun time with live music and famous beer, or stop at the close-by Bartlett Farm for some fresh produce and wonderful food selections.

Known as a summer hub, the small population of year-round residents (about 11,000) shoots up to a staggering ~50,000 during the summer. This population is composed mostly of people coming to stay in their summer homes or coming to work for the summer. Because of the popularity and high standard of living on the island, it is difficult to find housing if you have not already established a relationship with a renter. Because of this, the same people return year after year, summer after summer.

There are two ferries that provide round trips to and from Nantucket, one stationed in Hyannis and the other in New Bedford. Plan far in advance and make sure to budget wisely if you wish to visit, but even just a day trip from the mainland is well worth it. The beauty and charm of the island are priceless.

Photos by Jack Cohen and Rusty Watson on Unsplash. Contact us to plan a trip with Travels by Donna at

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