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Be safe when you travel

Posted on 06/18/2016

I know a lot of you want to do some traveling this summer. I also know that many of you are concerned about safety.

Some advice?

A lot of it is just plain practical. The duh kind.

If you are flying, be alert and watch your bags at all times, especially if you are carrying a laptop.

I know it's difficult in a crowded airport, but don't be distracted by what may be happening around you.

It's often tacky, but a money pouch (with cash, credit cards and passport) securely around your waist under your clothes may save you.

Make sure you have a list of the things in your checked luggage.

Don't flash expensive cameras, jewelry and designer luggage. I know you're tempted to show off that Louis Vuitton luggage, but leave it at home and use your trusty old Samsonite bags.

And if you are traveling overseas, go online ( and check on potentially dangerous airports, get travel advisories and help if you need it.

Once you're in your hotel room, either domestically or internationally, act like you're at home.

That means to make sure all the windows and doors are locked. And make sure the dead bolt is working correctly.

Because of the Erin Andrews trial where a peeping Tom recorded her through the peephole, women may want to bring some tape and tape over the peephole.

Make sure you know where the fire exits and public telephones are.

Use the in-room safe or better yet, use the hotel safe. Or even better advice -- leave your jewelry at home!

Don't just open the door to anyone who knocks. If someone comes to the door saying he/she is a hotel employee, call the front desk to make sure.

Don't leave your room key lying around when you're at the pool, dining room or gym.

If you lose your room key, make sure the front desk gives you a new key.

Plan on driving? Make sure you have an international driver's license. Check with AAA to get one.

Take medications every day?

Make sure you bring enough for your trip, plus a couple of days' worth just in case of flight delays.

And keep all your medicine in the containers from the drug store. Do not put them in the little individual Zip Lock bags. You might even get your doctor to write a note.

Like I said, many of these travel tips are the duh kind, but it just may keep you safe.

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