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A different kind of blog for me

Posted on 03/30/2016

I have written many a blog in my years as a journalist.

A travel blog is a little different than the ones I used to write. But it's going to be very much the same.

Those of you who have said you've missed my writing can read about the places I've been.

The past year, I really didn't go anywhere. 

I'm going to start with my FAM (or familiarziation) trip to Puerto Vallarta in March, 2014. Then my trip to visit family in Japan in fall of 2014.

I'll tell you about a trip to Universal Studios Orlando and to Charleston, S.C.

I hope I'll be able to travel more this year and let you know what to expect if you go.

No matter what, happy traveling, and call Travels By Donna to book your trip!

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